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Mr Spooky

Mr. Spooky is a professional Tattooist and Body Piercer from Los Angeles who’s been at Atomic since 2010. As a tattoo artist he is renowned for his Realistic Portraits as well as his Custom Black and Grey tattoos, he loves and can tattoo all styles including, Custom Color, American traditional, Custom Script and Lettering (see gallery). As a Piercer he’s experienced in all forms of piercings from the simplest earlobe to the most delicate of genital piercings and everything in-between.  On a personal note, Spooky is a family man who gives everyone who walks in our doors the same respect and attention they deserve as his multiple reviews on Yelp state, he’s known for  making first timers feel comfortable whether it be your first tattoo or piercing you will leave happy. He’s at the shop Tuesday thru Saturday from open to close.

For more information about Mr Spooky you can add him on Facebook or follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
Snapchat: spooky_tattoo 

Jon Dockery

Originally an okie straight out the sticks of McLoud, Oklahoma and moved to LA in early 2013. Since I've been in this amazing city I've gotten to work with some great tattooers who have taught me a lot along the way (Spooky, Oasis, Indoe). I  love to tattoo, so any style of tattooing I'm ready to take on as long as the client gives me the creative freedom in the design. What I really enjoy tattooing is anything black and grey, Custom script/Lettering, Traditional, Geometric and Micro/Small tattoos. I've yet to come across a design too small for me to tattoo, so I am always up for a challenge. My days at the shop are Fri.-Tues Open to Close. So checkout my work and if you dig it then call the shop or come by to schedule an appointment or consultation. 

For more info about Jon you can follow him on Instagram.


Justin Ford 

Born in Atlantic City, NJ and hailing from Camden, NJ. Justin Ford was exposed to tattoos most of his life. His desire for more knowledge in this craft has taken him to New York and London, where it eventually led him to Los Angeles, where he's been since summer of 2014. Constantly striving to understand wabori and tebori altogether as well as American Traditional, along with a tireless work ethic, he aims to make each tattoo better than the last. His love of Irezumi and American Traditional influence his tattooing heavily, as seen in his work.


For more info about Justin you can follow him on Instagram.

Broseph (Body Piercer)

Joseph (Broseph) Gomez grow up in southern California his whole life, he's been a professional piercer since 2006 since then he has traveled to learn better ways, to bring you a clean and safe piercing. Now he's learning more about scarification, so watch out for more on that.

For more info about Joseph you can follow him on Instagram.

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